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Sports Marketing and sponsorhips

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented boom in the global sport industry, as a result of which sports-related leisure and entertainment has undergone considerable changes. Read More

Sports camps

Consumers have become more discerning with both their time and money and will no longer support and be satisfied with mediocre events. People want to be entertained; they want event based experiences that are quite simply brilliant. Read More

Stadium Management

Zaabu consult with a great and passionate team analyses and a preliminary operating model of the stadium is analysed, with possibility, Zaabu consult goes on carrying out futher analysis concerning the operation, sustainability and financial feasibility of the stadium and proposes projects to be carried out upon it., Read More

Event Management

our event services include: Event creation and strategic direction, Facility selection and coordination Revenue generation via sponsorships and ticket sales, Marketing and promotions, Publicity and media partnerships, Event logistics and production Design, Travel and hospitality Read More

Zaabu Job Centre

We are the leading job site in this region. We’ve been in business for over 5 years and we know the region well. Because of our long experience in the market, we have successfully engaged the top companies in the Middle East. Zaabu needs non skilled laborers to work in the Middle East. Read More

Match Analysis

When it comes to Football match analysis, we are the leading factor in the game as we have sports analysis agents on ground, and all matches. This is the right place for you. Read More

We focus

on peace, justice and livelihood through sports social enterprise as a way of sustaining our relief programs.

Zaabu Consult promotes, develops and supports the use of sport not only to cause positive socio-political change across the world, but also to bring attention to people in dire need of emergency relief responses. We achieve this through; Justice: We help people in conflict with the law or at risk of offending, Peace: Enable people to deal with the trauma they experience as a result of conflict or violence, and Livelihood: We work with YMCA’s, youth organisations and the local community.

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